A haiku about The Walking Dead Game Season 2: Episode 5
No no no no no,
No no no no no no no,
No no no no no.

Adding it up.

It was a mild morning 2 or so months ago when I went for the interview for my current job. A half an hour drive became an hour, when I was driving through some back streets and a hearse, with a coffin loaded and rattling around inside, pulled out in front of me in a one way street. He started to do 40, in a 60 zone and I just had to wait. So I did, all the while ringing the interviewer to apologise for my tardiness. That should have been my first indicator of a bad decision, but in times of desperation, you tend to ignore the signs thrown up in front of you.

I’m currently in that job, receiving roughly the same amount I would receive on the dole. The dole, for my non-Australians, is pay from the government because you’re a no-good unemployed person who wants to take money from hardworking Australians (How horrible of you!). I was on it for a year and a half because, despite applying for up to 20 jobs a day at the end, I wasn’t getting any offers.
I took this job, because I needed A JOB, any job, and the menial tasks in this job would provide me with some pay and something to put on my resume.
It wasn’t till I found out about the staggeringly high turn over rate, poor pay & low hours that I realised that taking “any job” isn’t always the best idea.

So, I’m stuck in a limbo again, of trying to find another position, having a new job on my resume that has provided no renewed interest in my skills (despite an eager amount of people telling me it would) & going from unemployed to working poor.
Convention has never worked for me, this I’m starting to really understand now. And despite my atheism, I do believe in gut instincts and “signs”, triggers that push you go in a different direction. I think the “signs” are creating a dog pile now, and it really is time to shake off the normalities that have been so hardwired into me.

There’s a Frank Zappa quote that’s been resonating with me lately, so I’ll leave it here and potter off to my menial job.

"If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it."

So, just finished the latest Doctor Who with Capaldi and I think it’s definitely the quickest I’ve ever liked a Doctor. And probably the only Doctor who reflects parts of my personality, where as the last few were young & bubbly, and the old series they were more father figures and grandfather types to me, Capaldi seems to be of a different breed.
Just… wow. SO excited for the next episode.